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How to Find a Cheap Cruise – Guaranteed Strategy, $50 per day or less

We read every publication on the topic of, “How to find a cheap cruise.” We continuously find the same, old tips. We’ll first go through these “old-school” strategies, and look at why they’re not idea.  We’ll then show you the BEST Booking Hack to Cruise Cheap… specifically, for less than $50 per night!

I’m sure you’ve seen these before.

how to find a cheap cruise

OLD ways to find a Cheap Cruise

Book Early

We’re often told that booking a cruse early is a good strategy to scoring the best cruise price. The reason being is, that if the price drops, we can recover the difference in onboard credit. You’re even able to set up a cruise price alert to get notified when there’s a discount. We see a few things wrong with this plan. For starters, it involves a lot of work. You have to track the price from the second that you book, until you board the ship. The cruise line may decide to offer a better deal at some point. If you’re lucky enough to catch it in time, you’ll need to call your agent or cruise line to fight for the difference. If it happens to actually be a discount for your same cabin subtype, then you can possibly recover the difference. All of this will take a lot of time, effort, and you’ll still be left with onboard credit instead of cash.

Use a Cruise Agent

We love cruise agents and think they add a lot of value to the booking process. But, if we’re looking specifically at “how to find a cheap cruise,” an agent will never be as good as technology. With technology, we’re able to look at millions of cruise deals in the time it would take a person to look at a dozen. You should use technology to find a cheap cruise, then an agent to book that deal.

Book Last Minute Cruise Deals

This can be a great way to find a cheap cruise… but, only if you have tons of flexibility.  There are a few good sites to find last minute cruise deals. For most of us, our “time” is something we don’t have as much control over as we’d like. We’re not able to hop on cruises at the drop of a hat. For those that are, you’ll still need a tool to help you find last minute cruise deals.

Use Discounts Like AAA, or Similar:

Some cruise lines will offer a discount for teachers, military, membership clubs, and others. This is great for 5-10% off, but the deals we want are more like 50%+ off. And, with the cruise hack we’ll show you, you’ll likely still be able to apply the additional discount from those mentioned above!

Go During the Off Season

Sure, with this strategy you’ll consistently find a discounted price. But, there’s a reason it’s called the “off-season.” It’s not the optimal time to cruise to that destination. During “the season,” many of us have vacation days and the weather is ideal for our desired cruise. When cruises are cheapest, there’s typically a reason (like Hurricane Season)!

Book Your Next Cruise While on a Cruise

Often cruise lines will try to entice you to purchase your next sailing while onboard. The reason that we disagree, is that you can’t possibly have enough information at that point. You’re probably all excited and in the spending mood. You may have just come from the Lido Bar. You’re having such a great time that you slap down to plastic for another round. It should be obvious why this isn’t the best way to find a cheap cruise!

New Way to Find a Cheap Cruise

Ok, so we’ve told you all of the OLD ways to cruise cheap. Now we’re going to show you the NEW and improved way..

Follow These Exact Steps for $50 per Night Cruise (Or Less)

We’ve done all of the hard work for you. We’ve built some software that goes out and checks every price of every cruise on every day. It looks though millions of pieces of data to find the best cruise deals.

And we’ve packaged it up and put it into your iPhone.

All that you have to do is follow these easy steps, and we’ll work for you every day to find a cheap cruise for the exact amount that you tell us. AND, as a bonus… we’ll even let you tell us the port you’d like to leave from.

Step 1: Download Cruise Deals App

You’ll first need to download the Cruise Deals App for iOS.  You can do that using the button below.

ios download cruise dealsCruise Deals App for Android

Once you do, open it up and check it out!

Step 2: Select your Favorite Cruise Port

Most of us have a preferred port. Maybe it’s the port that’s closest to us, or maybe one that has your favorite ship. Regardless of your reasoning, you can select whichever you’d like.

And if you have multiple ports that you prefer, you can repeat the next steps as often as you’d like.

Choose a cruise port

Step 3:  Tap the Notifications Icon

In the top, right-hand corner, you’ll find our notifications icon. The notifications can be set by port. If a notification is set, the icon will be filled in. If not, it won’t.

Tap that bell icon as seen below.

set your cruise price alert

Step 4:  Toggle the “Max Price Per Day” Icon

To find a cheap cruise, you have the option to set two parameters. You can set an alert for “Price Drop” or “Max Price Per Day.”

We want to cruise for less than $50 per day, so we’re going to set the “Max Price Per Day” setting.

Toggle the “+” button up a couple notches and set it to $50.

set max price per day


Step 5:  Now, We Wait…

You’re all set. We’ll analyze millions of prices every day and alert you when a cruise drops below $50 per day for your port.

Make sure that you’ve allowed Notifications for Cruise Deals App in your device’s settings. We’ll send you a push notification as soon as we find your deal.

price drop push notification


As soon as you get your push notification, you can slide open for details of this cruise. You’ll want to act fast! Cruise deals don’t tend to last very long when there’s a big price drop.