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Cruise Deals App is the first and only mobile application to offer a Cruise Price Tracker with Push Notifications as Alerts. This is one of many features that makes “Cruise Deals App” the most popular search apps in the cruising market and why you’ll find us recommended by some of the most notable industry leaders like CruiseRadio, Cruise.Blog, Gangwaze and more!

Follow the directions below to easily set your cruise price alert.

You can set an alert based on two criteria.

  1. Cruise Price Drop (by %)
  2. Cost Per Day

Here’s a 1 minute video demo on our new Cruise Price Tracking Feature.

Do Cruise Prices Change Often?

Every day cruise lines discount their sailings to fill up empty rooms. Cruise occupancy for the past ten years has been over 100% because Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, etc will discount cruises to fill their ships. The fluctuations in prices are constant! And our Cruise Price Tracker records every little change and alerts you immediately.

Below shows actual cruise price changes over a year (image from

cruise price drop alerts app

When and why do they discount prices on cruises? They know that you’ll likely spend enough on board to make it worth it. Between the casino, shops, excursions, and tips, they’ll make up the difference. Oh, and then there’s alc0hol! According to the Ship Mate Blog, Carnival alone makes half a billion dollars from cruise ship alcohol sales every year!

It’s all about “supply and demand.” The higher the demand, the higher the cruise price. When demand is low, the cruise lines will drop prices until demand increases. That’s why our Cruise Price Tracker is so important. We’ll alert you the day that happens. You’ll be the first to know of that discount and have the option to grab it before it goes back up.

Tracking Cruise Price by Percentage Drop

From the graph above, you can see that cruise prices can move like crazy. From the highest to lowest points in that graph, the price changed 55%. With our cruise price tracking feature, you can set a percentage threshold to receive alerts.

In our notifications area, you’ll see the option to turn that on. It’ll look like this below.

cruise price percentage alert

Set whatever level you’re comfortable with.  Keep in mind, cruise prices can move slowly over time. So, if your cruise price tracking feature is set to 50%, you may never receive an alert if that price slowly drops.

For example. If a $1,000 cruise drops to $800, that’s 20% drop. If it then stays at $800 for a month, then drops to $500, that’s considered a 38% drop. With a cruise price alert of %50, that wouldn’t trigger an alert, even though the overall price drop from $1k to $500 was actually a %50 drop.

The percentage price drop is best for those that love a great deal… whether that’s a great deal on a suite, or an inside cabin. Often when there’s a lot of empty rooms, that price will drop drastically to fill these.

For those on a budget, there’s the option to set your cruise price tracking feature by “Price Per Day.”

Cruise Price Tracking by Price Per Day

This is great for those with a budget. You can set your alert to notify you any time a cruise price drops below a set Price Per Day.

If you’re looking for a Caribbean sailing, it’s not uncommon for prices to drop to less than $50 per day. If you prefer a Mediterranean or Alaskan cruise, you could bump that up a bit.

This is what it’ll look like once that tracker is set by price per day.

cruise price cost per day alert

Toggle that price level to whatever you’d like. We monitor prices on a daily basis. If the price drops below your set level, we’ll send you a push notification on your Cruise Deals App to check out details.

To set your alert based on either percentage drop or price per day, you’ll need to follow these simple steps listed below.

  • Download Cruise Deals App
  • Open the app
  • Choose your desired departure port
  • Click the notifications button (top, right-hand corner)
  • Set notification
  • Wait for your deal

Here’s a helpful graphic to show what that will look like.

cruise price tracker alerts

Happy Cruise Price Tracking!  We’ll see you at the Lido Bar.

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