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With this cruise hack, you’ll never pay for a cruise again!

There are plenty of Cruise Hacks found on the internet. Some can save you a few dollars here and there, but none compare to what we’ve got for you. You’ll not only score free cruises, but actually get paid to cruise!

You’re probably thinking that this sounds too good to be true. Free cruises don’t exist, right? Kind of… but hold one a second.

Let’s paint a scenario. Pretend that you have an apple tree in your front yard. You eat apples every day because they’re readily available, healthy, and you’ve worked hard growing that apple tree. One day, you’re walking past Trader Joes and see some pineapples. They look exotic and would make a great escape from your daily bushel of apples. But, you can’t afford the pineapples. So, you walk in and ask the woman at the counter if she’ll swap you a pineapple for some apples. She speaks with her manager and they say “no.” They need cash. You think – “hey, my apples have value,” and you sell a couple sacks then buy yourself a pineapple.

That’s pretty much how you can get free cruises… and even get paid to cruise! No, not buy selling apples. Nor pineapples. Your home has value. When you cruise, that value isn’t being used. Here is the best cruise hack you’ll ever get – capture the lost value while you’re on your cruise by renting your home when you’re away! It has never been easier than it is right now. There are multiple sites you can use to do that. The best, and probably the easiest is AirBnB.

With AirBnB, you can easily find people that are interested in renting your home. They’ll even come out and take professional photos of your place to use on the site. If you haven’t heard of AirBnB, it’s simply a platform letting you easily rent your home to others, or rent others’ homes when traveling.

The company has gotten huge over these past few years, and now boasts over 1.5 Million listings. Check out some of these stats!

cruise swap for airbnb


Also, they have a $1 Million insurance policy, in the case that something goes wrong with your home. But, you can avoid most risk by renting to people with high quality scores. Find someone with 5-stars and a bunch of reviews and you can cruise knowing your home is in good hands.

How Much Can I Get Paid to Cruise?!

We know what you’re all wondering. Can I really rent my home for more than the cost of a cruise? Yes, you can.

We analyzed a number of cities where the average AirBnB rental information was available. We looked at rental rates in these cities as well as cruise prices leaving the same locations. Here are the average rental rates for the following.

  • Boston:               $214 per night
  • Houston:            $156 per night
  • Los Angeles:      $208 per night
  • Miami:                $240 per night
  • New York:          $164 per night
  • San Diego:         $226 per night
  • San Francisco:  $197 per night

Next we grabbed the average cruise price for each of these port cities from our Cruise Deals App. We pulled prices every day for two months and came up with the following average cruise costs per day.

  • Boston:               $99 per day
  • Houston:            $156 per day
  • Los Angeles:      $64 per day
  • Miami:                $70 per day
  • New York:          $105 per day
  • San Diego:         $95 per day
  • San Francisco:  $91 per day

Note: these are not typical cruise prices found on normal sites. The Cruise Deals App displays the biggest price drops for each port. To find these cruise deals, download the Cruise Deals App for iOS.

We made two more assumptions in our Cruise Hack.

  1. You’ll be cruising with (and paying for) two people
  2. You’ll be cruising for 7 days

If you were to rent your home in these cities, while cruising for 7 days with another person, you could get a free cruise and actually paid this much.

Cruise Hack – Get Paid to Cruise Infograph

free cruise hack


As you can see from our infograph above, in each major city you’d not only get a free cruise, but you’d make money while at sea!

For those in locations not listed above, don’t worry! While a free cruise may not be possible, a super cheap cruise is still a possibility. You can see from above that $125 per night is the US average for AirBnB rentals. From our Cruise Deals App inventory, the average US-based cruise costs $87 per night. At those figures, you could do a week-long vacation with a loved one for a total of just $343!

To sum it all up…

#1 Cruise Hack – Rent your Home While at Sea!

The cruise prices noted above are exceptionally discounted. Make sure to download Cruise Deals App to take advantage of these price drops.

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