Cruise Price Tracking & Alert Feature

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Cruise Deals App is the first and only mobile application to offer a Cruise Price Tracker with Push Notifications as Alerts. This is one of many features that makes “Cruise Deals App” the most popular search apps in the cruising market and why you’ll find us recommended by some of the most notable industry leaders like CruiseRadio, Cruise.Blog, Gangwaze and … Read More

Cyber Monday Cruise Deals

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Cruise Deals – Cyber Monday Cruise lines are offering some amazing Cyber Monday sales. Make sure to take advantage of these while they last. A few of these end on Cyber Monday (November 28th, 2016), while others run through the end of the month. You’ll find huge perks like free Open Bar, $1 category upgrades, $50 deposits, and much more. … Read More

Use this Exact Strategy to Cruise for $50 Per Day or Less

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How to Find a Cheap Cruise – Guaranteed Strategy, $50 per day or less We read every publication on the topic of, “How to find a cheap cruise.” We continuously find the same, old tips. We’ll first go through these “old-school” strategies, and look at why they’re not idea.  We’ll then show you the BEST Booking Hack to Cruise Cheap… … Read More

24 Dumbest Ways to Save Money for a Cruise

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How to Save Money for a Cruise… if you’re an idiot Last week we posted the #1 Secret to Saving Money when Booking a Cruise. We asked 18 Cruise Industry Leaders for their best kept secret to getting a cheap cruise, and they had some phenomenal tips.  A few pieces of advice we’d never even considered. The post was a huge success with … Read More

Use this Cruise Hack for Free Cruises… Forever

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With this cruise hack, you’ll never pay for a cruise again! There are plenty of Cruise Hacks found on the internet. Some can save you a few dollars here and there, but none compare to what we’ve got for you. You’ll not only score free cruises, but actually get paid to cruise! You’re probably thinking that this sounds too good … Read More

Favorite Cruise Port: [PRO TIP] – save a preferred departure port

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Find Cruise Deals Quicker by Favoring a Cruise Port Our Cruise Deals App works particularly well for those with some flexibility in their schedules. The best type of flexibility comes in two forms: Location – are you close to a port? Time – can you get time off? In this post, we’ll discuss the first type – Location. How close … Read More

Find the Best Cruise Deals by Cruise Port

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Huge Cruise Discounts by Port This is the main functionality of Cruise Deals App and the primary reason it was created. You can easily search for the biggest cruise discounts by port. Cruise Deals App is the ONLY mobile app providing this service and it’s FREE to Download for your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple product. It’s also now available … Read More